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"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself."

"The only stupid question is one that is never asked" - Anonymous


"Ask question; be fool for 5 minutes. Do not ask question; be fool forever." Confucius

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Well I'm G.J.P.

I just love IRC chat (and I suspect you do too), "meeting" new friends from all over the world, and helping people with computer problems.

Chat provides us with a great, and very friendly, way to do just that !!

So why not drop-in say HI !!
See you there :)

          mama1010.ath.cx  (Port 6667)
   or   mama1010.servequake.com  (Port 6667)

And I'm an OZ, and proud of it ((-:

And, naturally, I'm a Vegemite Kid .. 

                                Big Jar of Vegemite


 Favourite URLs


Pirch98 Page
Tutorial for Pirch98
(and download a copy if you need it)

Indonesian Adventure
A friends experiences during politically difficult times in Indonesia

1896 Olympic Champions
Some facts that may interest you

IRC Help (Commands)
Some help with the standard commands

Chat Acronyms
Some help with all the abbreviations you see in chat

Vegemite  -  A Jar of Vegemite
I'm a Happy Little Vegemite ((-:

Hayes AT Commands
Some info about the AT commands for your modem

My Personal Computer : Operating Policies
Some guidelines for protection of your PC
and your personal information