The Penumbra
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This site is devoted to Virtual Reality devlopement The Arts and Our Hobies.

One of the projects Im currently working on is a 3 world for Worlds 3D. here are some    screen captues from the world.
As you can see its Loosely Star Trek themed and  Granted I took a few liberties on the Kitty's Bar. I doubt a club like that would be allowed on a Starship.  I concieved this world to be more Racially mixed than in the shows. More races will be represented as time goes on.  I tried to
keep everything as authentic styled as possible while throwing in a good bunch of originality. I also tried to keep the world very interactive
with working effects. I also tried to keep the World useful too with its Huge avatar gallery and labs.


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Pizza Day at Kitty's Bar. Located Deck 9 Aft.